By: Duke Energy |

  • $20 million in annual savings for Ohio electric customers beginning with April bills
  • $3 million in annual savings for Ohio natural gas customers starting in May, subject to regulatory approval
  • $15 million in annual savings for Kentucky customers, pending regulatory consent

Duke Energy Ohio customers will receive approximately $20 million in annual tax savings on their electric bills beginning this month. The bill reduction is a result of the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which federal lawmakers passed in late 2017.

“The tax act provides a unique opportunity for us to reduce customers’ bills by millions of dollars,” said Jim Henning, president of Duke Energy Ohio and Kentucky. “And that’s exactly what we’re doing here – delivering real savings to our customers.”

Duke Energy Ohio also plans to lower its customers’ natural gas bills by about $3 million beginning in May – subject to the approval of proposals filed with state regulators.

“The tax act reduced our corporate tax rate – and that’s a benefit we are pleased to pass along to our customers,” said Henning. “However, the impacts on our business and customers go far beyond the reduction in the corporate tax rate. While some of the changes reduce our federal tax liabilities over time, others could actually increase our tax obligations.

“We considered all of these scenarios as we determined the best ways to pass along the benefits of the tax act to our customers. And we continue to work through various regulatory proceedings in our efforts to ensure that our customers receive the benefits of this new law.”

Duke Energy proposes savings for Kentucky customers, too
Across the Ohio River in Kentucky, state regulators continue to review the company’s proposals that recommend allocating more than $15 million of tax act benefits to Duke Energy Kentucky customers.