What Our Customers Are Saying About Us:

Scott Pittman originally contact me when the company was approximately 8 months our contract expiring with another energy provider. He would send me updates occasionally throughout the months, but showed patience and a desire to work within our timeline. When we were about two months out, he was the very first person to send me a quote. Due to the contract pricing he put together for the company, as well as, his diligence in following up with me, we decided to make the switch to Truenergy. Scott made the conversion process easy and has been a pleasure to work with.

Thanks Very Much

Christopher Puccio

Scott worked very hard to make sure we had the best rates possible. We are very pleased with how much we are going to save for both of our locations. He made the process so easy – all I had to do was email. Thank you, Scott.

mary cross
Waste Partners Environmental Inc.

I own and operate three high-end seafood restaurants in Laredo, TX. When I was first contacted by Jeffrey Erickson at TruEnergy I had been working with a local brokerage for almost 10 years. Jeffrey explained that a cost analysis wouldbe free of charge and that a 2nd opinion would only determine if we had a good deal or not. The results of the analysis showed that we had a hidden charge and were being over charged on average $2000 per month. Jeffrey was actually able to renegotiate our contracts, help us file a complaint with the Public Utility Commission because of the price gouging, and get a $10,000 cancellation fee waived. We have been enjoying a 30% savings each month ever since.

Fernando Benevides
Mariscos El Pescador

Tru energy, is a life saver they transferred my service and saved me a ton of money highly recommend great job.
Thanks you Steven.

Paul adans

We love entrust energy definitely has decreased our monthly cost by a lot and has excellent customer service every time

TNE Signage

Jacob has been great helping us choose an elec. co. and rates. So hard to do these days, I have spent weeks in this past making calls to dozens of co.’s and checking on line only to find rates changing almost daily or their special offers. Easier and more reliable to go with Jacob and what he finds. Thank you.


I notice a huge reduction in my electric bill for the first two months. Thanks to JC Craig

Lynda Johnson MA CART LPC
Lynda Johnson LPC CART

JC Craig was so patient and helpful! It literally took over a year to get power at my venue and he went above and beyond to help. He even called the utility provider on several occasions to help us get straight and real answers. Thanks to JC Craig for his unwavering help to see us through to finally getting power!


I still smile over this incident. One of those door-to-door electricity salesmen showed up, claiming to be verifying that our electricity bills had all the discounts we were entitled to. In reality, he was just going to try to pitch his energy provider after seeing how much I was paying for electricity. So I pulled out the bill I have from the company that Cris, my TruEnergy representative, found for me. The salesman took one look at the bill, said “Thank you for your time.” and immediately left. He couldn’t compete with the deal that Cris had gotten me. First he got an awesome deal for the non-profit I manage, then he found a great rate for me. Cris and TruEnergy are #1 in my book.

Gretchen Reilly
Nazareth House