BGE commercial rates are set to surge by 80 percent effective Dec. 1, 2014. Maryland consumers have the option to buy electricity from suppliers other than the power company. Maryland-based energy advisor MD Energy Advisors gives insight on how businesses can avoid surges and reap optimal energy savings.

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With BGE Commercial rates set to surge by up to 80 percent, some customers may be wishing they had another choice of where to buy power.

Fortunately, they do have a way to stabilize their rates and increase their energy savings! Maryland consumers have had the option to buy electricity from suppliers other than the power company for the past 15 years and many have been taking advantage of the opportunity. The utility, such as BGE, does not care where its customers buy their power because it makes its money by operating the wires and substations that deliver the power. In fact, BGE promotes shopping alternative suppliers through their energy choice marketing.

According to the Electric Choice Monthly Enrollment Report last published June 30, 2014 by the Maryland Public Service Commission, 53,707 small and medium commercial and industrial customers in BGE territory have made the switch to alternative electric, representing approximately 41% of small and medium-sized businesses. Businesses make the switch to stabilize rates and to optimize energy savings.

The most impacted customers include Schedule G-Type II, Schedule GS-Type II, and Schedules GL, P & T Type II. The new rates are effective from December 1, 2014-February 28, 2015. “The increases are scary. From restaurants to pet stores, even industrial laundries and hotels, will experience increased rates,” said Jason Schwartzberg, a Baltimore native who manages the retail energy department of the Maryland based consulting firm MD Energy Advisors. “To give a real time example, we just added a restaurant to our portfolio who would have experienced an increase of $364 month over month if they did not sign a contract with an alternative supplier. That is $4,638 a year annualized!”

The good news is the experts at MD Energy Advisors are here to help. MD Energy Advisors is a licensed electricity and natural gas broker that strives to inform and consult customers on current energy market trends and ways to save energy. Maryland customers consult with MD Energy Advisors on a vast array of energy matters.

The first way to become informed is to know your rate schedule. MD Energy Advisors says the best way to find this information is to grab a copy of your BGE bill. The rate schedule is listed on Page 2 of your bill in the top left hand corner under “Electric Details.”

Depending upon the rate schedule, rates will increase 23-80% for on-peak consumption. Once you identify your rate schedule, consult the table below in order to determine your percentage increase: We know it’s confusing, that’s why we’re here.

In an effort to help businesses more easily identify their rate class and the associated month over month increases, MD Energy Advisors has launched the “Utility Bill Selfie” Program to help address energy saving. Maryland business owners can simply snap a photo of their most recent BGE bill and email it to From there, an energy advisor will analyze the bill and help determine the net increase in energy supply costs.

“The increases are real. Thankfully, customers have options and we are here to help. The selfie program is a perfect opportunity to allow us to do the heavy lifting for our clients and identify savings opportunities. We are standing by ready, willing and able to help.”

To learn more about this program, Baltimore, MD residents can reach MD Energy Advisors at 509 S. Exeter Street Suite #306, Baltimore, MD, 21202 or call 888-826-1316.

MD Energy Advisors is the energy resource in the Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. areas. By comparing energy providers, residential and commercial entities are able to better prepare for energy savings. MD Energy Advisors has served as an energy broker and an advisor for customers on electricity and natural gas rates since 2010.