By: Jim Dewey |

Ameren Illinois’ updated rates for electric supply during the eight months October through May 2018 have been announced.

The utility uses a two-tiered rate for electricity it delivers during the non-summer months. The first tier is for uses considered basic general service, like lighting, refrigeration, and appliances, and the second tier for wintertime space heating. The first tier for the first 800 kilowatthours will be 6.121 cents per kilowatthour. The second-tier rate will be 4.534 cents for each kilowatthour over 800. Reg Ankrom, consultant for the city’s municipal electric aggregation (MEA) program, suggested that MEA participants compare electric costs between the MEA rate, which is 5.795 cents per kilowatthour, and Ameren’s rates to determine which is better for them.

With the typical use of electricity in Quincy just under 10,000 kilowatthours, most participants in the city’s municipal electric aggregation program will continue to save money with the city’s rate, which is fixed through March 2019. Ankrom said, however, that Ameren’s new rates for the heating season could be more attractive for people who heat their homes with electricity. Many variables can affect electrical usage, he said. The size of the home, amount of insulation, number of residents, and the type of heating system can affect electric bills.

Residents who use natural gas for heating can expect continued savings under the city’s program. The city consultant suggested that residents who use electricity to heat their homes compare annual electric supply costs between Ameren and the City program. Consumers can find their monthly kilowatthour usage on their Ameren bill. They also can get their monthly usage data from Ameren’s website at . Signing on to the Ameren site requires the user to register.

Participants in Quincy’s MEA may opt out at any time without penalty or fee by calling Homefield Energy, the city’s electricity supplier, at 866-694-1262 toll free.