FirstEnergy Solutions closing its last Ohio and Pennsylvania coal-fired power plants

By: John Funk |

FirstEnergy Solutions on Wednesday night announced it plans to close its last Ohio coal-fired power plant, the W.H. Sammis plant on the Ohio River in Stratton, and its last Pennsylvania coal plant, the Bruce Mansfield plant on the River in Shippingport.

The company blamed the regional wholesale markets overseen by […]

2018-08-30T10:48:50-05:00August 30th, 2018|Ohio Market, Pennsylvania Market|

JCP&L overcharged him for 24 years, but the law says they don’t have to pay it all back. So they won’t.

By: Amanda Hoover |

For 24 years, John Regina was a model JCP&L customer. He says he paid his bill on time each month — all 288 of them.

But something always seemed off, and he says he repeatedly complained to JCP&L. The bill just seemed too steep for a man living alone in a townhouse in Bedminster.

Regina […]

2018-08-10T11:07:43-05:00August 10th, 2018|New Jersey Market|