Energy Future Holdings Objections Filed

By: Ben Schlafman |

According to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court docket, multiple parties – including Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company; Marathon Asset Management; Oracle America; Texas ad valorem taxing jurisdictions; CSC Trust Company of Delaware; The United States on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency; American Stock Transfer & Trust Company; Fireman’s […]

2015-11-09T12:50:03-05:00October 26th, 2015|Texas Market|

Report: Texas Makes Strides in Energy Efficiency

By: Jim Malewitz |

After a years-long tumble, Texas has taken a major leap forward in an annual state-by-state ranking of energy efficiency policies — those aimed at slashing utility bills and carbon emissions by curbing energy use.

Texas jumped eight slots and now ranks 26th among states on a measure of progressive policymaking, according […]

2015-10-22T13:59:15-05:00October 22nd, 2015|Texas Market|

The electricity innovation so controversial that it’s now before the Supreme Court

By: Chris Mooney |

FERC. Demand response. Wholesale and retail electricity markets. If names and phrases like these have already made you want to stop reading, then chances are news last week about the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments in Federal Energy Regulatory Commission v. Electric Power Supply Association was not at the top […]

2015-10-21T14:15:44-05:00October 21st, 2015|National Market|

Electric Grid Neutrality on the Way?

By: Keith Kohl |

As you may know, the whole purpose behind Net Neutrality is that everyone has equal access without the interference of major monopolies on any part of the internet.

Now there’s a possibility that the U.S. electrical grid is going the same route.

You see, grid reform is becoming more and more necessary. […]

2015-10-20T16:33:01-05:00October 15th, 2015|National Market|