Central Hudson Files Rate Plan to Upgrade Energy Delivery System

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A plan to modernize and strengthen the electric and natural gas delivery systems by investing in storm hardening, improving grid efficiency and updating critical infrastructure was proposed to state regulators today by Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation. “We’re seeking to make system upgrades that will improve reliability and resilience, while […]

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Sierra Club Sues NY Over Electric Rates


Local electric rates will jump by $155 million in the next three years unless New York reconsiders a plan to keep a 1950s-era coal-fired power plant operating in the Finger Lakes, ratepayers and their advocates claim in court.
The complaint in Albany County Supreme Court contends that only by re-evaluating the […]

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EDF Weighs In on New York’s Bold Effort to Build a New Electric Utility Business Model

By: John Finnigan |

The U.S. electric grid has not been updated since World War II when telephones, dishwashers, and air conditioning were the cutting-edge technology innovations of the century. Today, this same grid is struggling to cope with the technological advances of the last decade, a reality that hit home for New Yorkers […]

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