Wholesale Lumber

Company Scope:

  • Offers dimensional lumber, wholesale lumber, petrified wood, cedar lumber and ganahl lumber
  • Operates from locations nationwide

Total Savings:


combined annual savings

TruEnergy’s Analysis:

  • Was receiving standard public rates by contracting directly with a provider
  • Bills included extra charges for each meter at their Dallas location

Custom Action Plan:

  • Negotiated a 30% lower energy rate from one of our providers
  • Consolidated the billing for all three locations
  • Eliminated all base charges on all meters

Follow Up:

  • Added fourth location to the account
  • Added locations in Pennsylvania and Maryland

Savings Results:

  • $948.00 annually on base charges
  • $6,500 annually on energy charges


Business Type:
Wholesale Lumber

TX, PA, & MD

Annual Energy Consumption:
545.519 MWh


“TruEnergy and [our Senior Account Manager] has been an excellent tool in helping keep our energy costs under control. “