Stone Cutting / Sculpting

Company Scope:

  • Stone manufacturer, specializing in Granite Sculpting and stone cutting
  • Has multiple locations across Texas
  • Provides services for both commercial and residential accounts

Total Savings:


over two 12-month terms

TruEnergy’s Analysis:

  • Had difficulties with credit approval through several providers
  • Discovered that the credit issues resulted from the customer being penalized by his electric provider due to problems in the billing process
  • Each location being billed as a separate account with a different rate, accounting for part of the billing confusion

Custom Action Plan:

  • Arranged to consolidate locations into one account, adding each one as it came up for renewal with its previous provider
  • Help the customer re-establish his credit status by simplifying the billing process

Savings Results:

  • To date, TruEnergy has helped the customer save an average of $7,500 per year


Business Type:
Stone Manufacturer

Rockport, TX

Annual Energy Consumption:
79.972 MWh