Newly Opened RV Park

Company Scope:

  • A commercially owned RV park that had only been open for 6 months
  • Only housed 6 RV customers at the time but planned on expanding the park out over the next several years

Total Savings:


annually (projected)

TruEnergy’s Analysis:

  • Bill included meter fees in addition to the standard energy rate
  • Was being billed for active meters that weren’t being used

Custom Action Plan:

  • Placed the customer with a provider who agreed to waive meter fees
  • Explained that RV parks have the option to turn off the meters to vacant spaces

Savings Results:

  • $350 per year in the elimination of meter fees
  • $6,500 annually (projected from their first six months in business)


Business Type:
RV Park

Midland, TX

Annual Energy Consumption:
732.302 MWh