Resorts & Condominiums

Company Scope:

  • Hotel and beachfront condominiums
  • Offers conference rooms, swimming pools (one heated), and large hot tub

Total Savings:



TruEnergy’s Analysis:

  • Due to the energy zone in which the customer is located, their provider was passing on substantial congestion fees from the utility
  • Customer was out of contract and paying a variable rate
  • Additional charges were being billed for each of the customer’s 42 meters

Custom Action Plan:

  • Negotiated an All-Inclusive rate, thereby eliminating the additional Nodal congestion and Basis Adjustment fees

Follow Up:

  • Continued to watch the market for the best time to renew, maintaining low rates and preventing the customer from deferring to an out-of-contract variable rate

Savings Results:

  • Annual savings for rate: $11,300


Business Type:
Resorts & Condominiums

Port Aransas, TX

Annual Energy Consumption:
740.707 MWh