Property Management

Company Scope:

  • Houston and Dallas’s premier property management companies
  • Customer was very specific on the type of rate, strike price and the way they wanted the market tracked leading up to a final decision

Total Savings:



TruEnergy’s Analysis:

  • Power Factor rating on several of their larger buildings was lower than it should be
  • Was paying an indexed rate that was higher than available fixed rates

Custom Action Plan:

  • Negotiated a contract for the customer, beating all competition including a provider they had worked with for several years
  • Connected the customer with our preferred electrical engineer to adjust their power factors

Follow Up:

  • Renewed the contract in advance after alerting the customer to an available rate withing their strike price

Savings Results:

  • $133,000 annually in energy charges
  • At least $14,000 annually expected in Power Factor savings


Business Type:
Property Management

Dallas & Houston, TX

Annual Energy Consumption:
47,862.403 MWh