Non Profit Organization

Company Scope:

  • A community recycling center with two permanent employees
  • A nonprofit organization relying extensively on donations and help from volunteers
  • Works to promote environmentally friendly industries, products, and services

Total Savings:


savings on energy rate

TruEnergy’s Analysis:

  • As a nonprofit with a limited budget, rate was a key factor for the customer

Custom Action Plan:

  • Customer was paying 2½ times the rate TruEnergy was able to negotiate

Follow Up:

  • Although we had helped the customer apply for tax exemptions, the first billing statement from the provider included charges for taxes. TruEnergy promptly corrected this issue with the provider and ensured the customer would be receive a refund on those charges

Savings Results:

  • Energy rate was cut by 60%


Business Type:
Non Profit Organization

San Angelo, TX

Annual Energy Consumption:
7.4 MWh