Mental Health and Rehabilitation Center

Company Scope:

  • Rehabilitation center offering outpatient or partial hospitalization care for people of all ages
  • Works with youths with serious emotional disturbances, adults with serious mental illness, veterans, and forensic clients

Total Savings:

over $5,000


TruEnergy’s Analysis:

  • Customer had multiple locations serviced by three different energy providers
  • Available tax exemptions were not being claimed

Custom Action Plan:

  • Simplified billing by bringing together all of their locations together under one provider with one rate and common start/end dates
  • Helped file paperwork for tax exemptions on all of their locations
  • Set up an online billing system to further simplify bill payment

Savings Results:

  • In addition to a greatly simplified accounting process, the customer is saving over $5,000 per year for all locations


Business Type:
Rehabilitation Center

Abilene, TX

Annual Energy Consumption:
1,160 MWh