Marine Technology

Company Scope:

  • Designs, supplies and supports power and propulsion systems
  • Leaders in the field of integrating technologically complex systems for off shore oil and gas, merchant and naval surface and submarine vessels

Total Savings:



TruEnergy’s Analysis:

  • Customer had to forward monthly bills to the corporate office for payment and was receiving regular late charges and disconnect notices

Custom Action Plan:

  • Placed the customer with a provider that would offer a 30 day grace period for billing to accommodate the extra step in the customer’s payment process

Follow Up:

  • Halfway through the term, we processed all the paperwork to help the customer change their company’s legal name on the account

Savings Results:

  • $1,635 annually in addition to the elimination of late charges


Business Type:
Marine Technology

Galveston, TX

Annual Energy Consumption:
426.432 MWh