Company Scope:

  • Manufacturing of metals and awards for military service

Total Savings:



TruEnergy’s Analysis:

  • Was working through a broker who kept raising rates above market standards

Custom Action Plan:

  • Placed the customer with a provider who offered substantially lower rates

Follow Up:

  • Alerted the customer of a dip in the market, producing the optimal time to renew

Savings Results:

  • Reduced energy charges by 33%
  • Generated an annual savings of $6,000


Business Type:

Tomball, TX

Annual Energy Consumption:
485.235 MWh


"With the expectations of this desk, I am continually having to search for the right pricing, while also watching how and where the money is spent. I was most impressed with [our Account Manager]’s professionalism, courtesy and enthusiasm for setting this company up with a solid provider and the best rate. He continues to check in on me from time to time, and all has gone extremely smooth and exactly as he stated."