Company Scope:

  • Manufactures coated radial bearings for mud motors, flow restrictors and flow diverters.
  • Streamlines manufacturing and service practices to eliminate waste and costly overhead, and most importantly, ensure maximum value to customers.

TruEnergy’s Analysis:

  • Working through another broker, the customer was already enrolled through one of our providers, with whom they were quite pleased
  • Customer was paying taxes despite qualifying for exemption

Custom Action Plan:

  • Helped them file the necessary information for exemption from city and state taxes on their electricity
  • Negotiated lower rates from their existing provider than their broker had been able to offer
  • Negotiated even better rates with one of our other providers

Savings Results:

  • Due to the upturn in the energy market, there were no savings available at the time; however, TruEnergy was able to offer rates which were lower than those of any competitor


Business Type:

Houston, TX

Annual Energy Consumption:
425.955 MWh