Funeral Home

Company Scope:

  • Performs embalming, cremations, burials, and traditional & graveside services
  • Provides a variety of caskets, monuments, markers, and other funeral merchandise

Total Savings:


24-month term

TruEnergy’s Analysis:

  • Due to the energy zone in which the customer is located, their provider was passing on substantial congestion fees from the utility

Custom Action Plan:

  • TruEnergy was able to negotiate an All-Inclusive rate, thereby eliminating the additional Nodal congestion and Basis Adjustment fees

Savings Results:

  • Due to the All-Inclusive rate, the customer will save over $800 per year in additional fees


Business Type:
Funeral Home

Graham, TX

Annual Energy Consumption:
77.960 MWh


<em>"I was contacted by [TruEnergy] about saving money on our electrical service, Having been a customer of TXU forever I was a bit skepyical about changing from a company I knew and thought was dependable. After several conversations with [my account manager] I was convinced it was time to change."</em>