Company Scope:

  • Offers preschool, youth group, and Sunday school, in addition to regular church services
  • Hosts local talk radio program

Total Savings:


term savings

TruEnergy’s Analysis:

  • Customer was planning to utilize a classroom on a regular basis, which would cause an increase in usage
  • Their current provider was charging extra meter fees in addition to the basic energy charge

Custom Action Plan:

  • Negotiated a rate which would include a 100% bandwidth (swing) clause to prevent extra charges when their usage increased
  • Found a provider who was willing to waive all meter fees
  • Ensured that all necessary paperwork was filed for the account to be tax exempt

Savings Results:

  • 15% on energy costs
  • $178.20 on meter fees


Business Type:

Houston, TX

Annual Energy Consumption:
168 MWh