Company Scope:

  • Holds prayer groups, Bible studies, and youth activities during the week
  • Has a youth house separate from the main church

Total Savings:

$6,000 plus



TruEnergy’s Analysis:

  • Bills included charges for taxes despite their being a religious institution
  • Was paying an out-of-contract variable rate on a guard light

Custom Action Plan:

  • Assisted the customer in filing the paperwork to get a refund on four years of taxes paid to their previous provider
  • Significantly lowered their energy cost with a lower, fixed rate

Savings Results:

  • $1,050 annually in energy costs
  • $250 annually in eliminated meter fees
  • $6,000 in refunds on taxes paid to their previous provider


Business Type:

Brownwood, TX

Annual Energy Consumption:
116.530 MWh


"YOU ARE PRICELESS!! PRAISE GOD FOR YOU!!!! You are a saint for helping me with this when it was not even your problem. The charges with [our new provider] are phenomenal! I will recommend you to everyone who has a business. I have already told them at church how great you are!"