Bed & Breakfast

Company Scope:

  • An old hotel that has been converted into a Bed & Breakfast institution
  • Offers guestrooms, hotel suites, and cottages
  • Uses both commercial and residential meters with varied annual usage

Total Savings:

maintained rate and simplified billing process

TruEnergy’s Analysis:

  • Had 16 different meters contracted through three different providers
  • Had to pay three different monthly invoices with three different rates

Custom Action Plan:

  • TruEnergy set up one account that would gradually add all 16 meters as their previous contracts expired
  • Ultimately all 16 meters would have the same price, the same contract end-date, and would be billed on one single invoice

Follow Up:

  • Since all meters were eventually merged into one account, we could greatly simplify the process when we helped the customer to renew

Savings Results:

  • Simplified monthly billing while maintaining the customer’s already low rate


Business Type:
Bed & Breakfast

Rockdale, TX

Annual Energy Consumption:
419.343 MWh