Auto Body Manufacturing

Company Scope:

  • Largest producer of advanced composite utility bodies in the world
  • Industrial body framing and painting for large industrial equipment
  • Over one million square feet of manufacturing space

Total Savings:



TruEnergy’s Analysis:

  • Business operated out of a gutted office building that had been converted into a manufacturing plant
  • Each of the numerous meters were listed under a different address (from its days as an office complex) and therefore did not match the facility’s current physical address
  • Customer was unaware of its available tax exemptions
  • Several of the meters were not operating properly

Custom Action Plan:

  • Contacted the city to correct the addresses of the meters
  • Arranged for the customer receive the necessary study for tax exemptions
  • Coordinated with the utility to fix a fuse problem to get power restored to all meters

Savings Results:

  • 35% decrease in energy charges equating to over $42,000 annually


Business Type:
Auto Body Manufacturing

Fort Worth, TX

Annual Energy Consumption:
1,627.320 MWh