What Our Customers Are Saying About Us:

I have the utmost trust and confidence in Jeffrey’s efforts on behalf of WB Supply. He responds timely with any issues, stays on top of renewals (we have over 20 locations), and searches for the best provider to meet our needs in each area.

Kay Swart

Setting up my first apartment with an electric company was made so easy with the help of billy mitchel!

Usually this type of thing can be a hassle, but his customer service is amazing. Transferring apartments was also made extremely easy thanks to Billy being so attentive and always available via email.

Courtney cargil

I have been very satisfied with Jeffrey Erickson as my energy account manager and TruEnergy.  He worked through all my questions and concerns during our transition period and handled one small issue that was out of his control but handled it promptly.  He shopped around and found us a great deal and is always just an email or phone call away if I have any questions.

I highly recommend Jeffrey and TruEnergy.

Anna Rodriguez
Brazos Communications West, LLC - West Texas Radio

Our contract was going to be up soon with our current electric provider at our home and we called Truenergy and spoke to Senior Cost Analyst Scott Pittman to see what they could do for us. Scott was very pleasant and professional and an excellent communicator and followed up every time he said he would which is very rare these days. He showed genuine concern and worked hard finding us the best rate possible which was much lower than anything we found on the internet. He goes the extra mile and even assures you that during the new contract period should there be any problems or concerns to contact him and he would look into the situation. It was such a pleasure doing business with Truenergy and Scott Pittman. I highly recommend Truenergy and Senior Cost Analyst Scott Pittman! Thank you Scott!!

Karetha McGeehon

Scott has been so great helping me with my electrical needs. You can tell he really cares for his clients because he bends over backwards to do all he can to help you.
I highly recommend him.

Billy did such an amazing job working with me on getting the best deal in town. He took time to compare pricing and didn’t mind the back and forth calling. Would highly recommend the company!

Samantha Lott
Di Performance

My first encounter with April Webster was in December 2017 regarding assistance with electric billing. After a lengthy call with her and a subordinate I agreed to review a form for possible adjustments to our TXU electric bills for Story Road Baptist Church. I must admit that I was very skeptical about their ability to lower our kilowatt hour cost. To be honest about the issue, I have received many bogus phone calls about vacations, bill assistance, and even court suit issues. So, I must admit that originally I was very skeptical about Ms. Webster’s claim to reduce our electric bill with no cost to us. I did specifically ask Ms. Webster during that initial conversation as to how fees were paid. She assured me that the electric companies subsidize them in lowering costs for customers. Ms. Webster did explain to me that I would have to submit past bills and permission to review our electric account. I told her that as long as there would be no other cost or hidden requirement, I would provide permission to pursue a reduction for our electric bill.

I submitted the materials that she requested before we left home for a brief trip to San Antonio. Ms. Webster was very prompt to contact me while we were gone. After she reviewed our bills, she concluded that we could definitely save funds on our monthly bill as well as request a refund from the Texas Comptroller’s Office for past state sales tax. Ms. Webster was relentless in contacting TXU for appropriate billing and sales tax information. We had a couple of lengthy phone calls regarding the progress of the plan.

Upon returning to Irving she continued to contact TXU about the specific billing issues. I was very impressed that Ms. Webster was able to secure a three year contract with TXU about the charge for kilowatt hours and base fee. TXU has had difficulty making some of the changes on our contract. MS. Webster kept contacting them until the problems were resolved. She has been relentless in pursuing appropriate billing for our church. Let me also mention one other thing – the sales tax refund. Ms. Webster contacted personnel in the sales tax department for TXU, and we quickly received the necessary forms to apply to the Texas Comptroller’s Office for a refund. She explained that it might take six months to receive an answer from that office. We received a refund check in less than two months.

In conclusion, I will emphatically state that I have changed from a complete skeptic to a great supporter of TruEnergy. The reason is very simple. Ms. Webster’s efforts of relentless dedication to our need and professional support throughout the process with TXU made the difference for Story Road Baptist Church. I would state a big THANK YOU to Ms. Webster and her support staff.

Larry V Craig
Story Road Baptist Church Irving, Texas

Truenergy has saved my company a lot of money on the electricity that we use on electric motors and on our pumpjacks on our oil and gas leases.

Joe Byrne

Scott was very helpful with getting new energy rates for both of our businesses. We are planning on opening a new location and will certainly be working with him again!!

Crystal Cherry
For 20 Laughs

TRUENERGY has saved our organization a lot of money. Jonathon made the experience really easy, I hesitated at first but my experience has been a great one and I would highly recommend them.