What Our Customers Are Saying About Us:

I have had the pleasure of working with Timothy Mason at TruEnergy for five years. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and showed great patience in explaining the bidding process to me. Each time we switched providers to take advantage of a lower rate, the process went smoothly. We have saved a significant amount of money on our electricity costs by following his advice. I highly recommend Timothy and TruEnergy.

Janet Goodman
Gethsemane Lutheran Church

I’m thankful I took Ryan’s call many years ago when he contacted me out of the blue to discuss electricity provider options and ways to save money on our bills. He opened my eyes to how much I was paying vs how much I could be saving by switching providers. I’m now locked into an excellent long term plan and can rest easier knowing that I’ve made a good decision to save money toward one of my biggest costs of doing business. I have Ryan’s # saved to my contacts and know I can reach out to him at any time should I have questions or concerns and he’ll be there to assist.

Thank You Ryan for helping small business owners like ourselves to save money and open our eyes to how this system works.

Vincent has given excellent customer service. Building houses you open numerous electrical accounts. Every one with Vincent has been smooth and problem free. I am very satisfied with the service he provides and the cost has been a savings as well!

I worked with Roy Kirk at TruEnergy to get my electric service provider changed to a provider who had a “true” price per kWh lower than what I was paying. He explained my bill to me and helped me understand that I was paying much more per kWh than what it said on my bill. He was very helpful throughout the change over process and pretty much made everything happen with little or no effort on my part.

The good news is my first couple of electric bills have gone down considerably after changing to the provider Roy found for me and the rate is locked in for several years. Thanks Roy for helping me save some money. Every little bit helps. Wish they would deregulate gas too so you could save me some cash on that bill too.

Lloyd Chaffin

Thanks Scott and Greg . I’d like to thank Greg for being persistent very knowledgeable about the industry and what changes are taking place in ercot I got busy the other week I should have taken advantage of the lower pricing but as Greg knows I’m a former energy Trader myself so I get it you snooze you lose basically but we were happy to get the rate that we have and again thank you guys very much

Joe Errigo
Mogen Furniture

True Energy and Roy Kirk have done me proud.I have saved much money since our business relationship began. Also I have turned many friends on to Roy and most have benefited greatly.

Jeff D Ward

We were looking for ways to cut overhead and April told us about TruEnergy and how they could help us . There was no disruption in service and change in billing. We get the same service we had before but at a cost that is 30-40% cheaper. Since our gym is open 24 hours, that is a significant savings for us. I highly recommend other businesses check them out.

I have had many providers for both residential and commercial accounts. By Far April Webster and true Energy have gone above and beyond to provide the best service for our specific needs. Even to offer words of encouragement during hard times and simply acknowledging that people care have proven to me that True energy and April will be my providers for as long as I need power.

Jimmy Poole Jr
The Jimmy Poole Sr Foundation

April Webster, originally contacted me about 9 months before my current contract with my energy provider was due to expire. I have been with “xyz” energy for the past 3 years and was not very interested in changing. She was able to break thru my, “If it isn’t broken, why fix it,” stance I took with her – over the phone. She provided me with some comparative pricing and answered the questions I needed in order to make an informed decision. Thanks, April!

Jean Stout

The search for reasonably priced electricity can be frustrating and time comsuming. Often, when contracts end, you are not adequately notified and your bill will increase dramatically without you being aware. Truenergy, helped me make a smooth transition from one contract to another and lowered my monthly costs in the process. Additionally, they were able to provide me with market research to help me make a better long term contractual decision so that I don’t have to worry about renewal for as often nor an increase in my rate. Thanks Truenergy for great service and follow through!

Todd McCracken
Laser Smile Studio